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A Christchurch based web design company specialising in small business. We work closely with small business customers to get the most out of their website by optimising the user experience and driving measurable sales. About UsServices
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Our Services Are Tailored

All businesses are different – We tailor our services so that the support and development we provide can be applied toward the areas of your business that need it most. This industry and most likely your own business are changing all the time, so it’s important to adjust your approach. We work with you to understand how your website actually performs (how many of the unique visitors that arrive at your site convert into sales?). Build, analyse, adjust and report.

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Web Design For Everyone

We believe that user experience is king! When we embark on the design and build of a new website, we build for everyone on all their devices big and small. 80% of all internet users now own a smartphone, so to ensure our websites provide the same or equally engaging experience across devices and platforms, we write responsive code that allows it to adjust across browsers and screen sizes.

Here to support you long term

Our business is built around strong long term relationships, therefore we promise to always give you accurate honest advice. With the array of services available on the market today it’s easy to think you need something when quite often you don’t. We can help your business by quickly telling you what a service is and if it’s a good fit for you, this means you’ve more time to focus on the areas of the business you know, rather than wasting it on the ones you might not.

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Invest To Grow

As small business owners ourselves we know how important it is to receive a return on investment. Employing or frequently receiving call outs from technology professionals can be expensive. We can help you make informed strategic decisions about your businesses technology, then build a service at a fixed monthly price to suit your budget.

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A Team With Business Experience

We have been advising customers in all sorts technological areas for years. Our team has extensive knowledge in web design, cloud integration and digital marketing but not only from a technical perspective. The advantage we have is that we know what works and critically what doesn’t when it comes to digital solutions, so we won’t waste your time or money trying things that aren’t effective.

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