Cloud Integration

Start Harnessing the Power of the Cloud


Increased Collaboration

90% of people said that cloud-based collaboration significantly improved business processes.


Competitive Edge

74% of businesses feel like cloud computing has given them a competitive advantage


Increased Productivity

69% of people said that productivity was the top benefit after migrating to the cloud.

So many options…

Time is important, and as business owners ourselves we know and appreciate how precious it is. With the unprecedented growth and development across cloud platforms over the last few years, business owners are now presented with a multitude of cloud integration options, some more stable and more efficient than others. Moving to the cloud is a big step, a step hopefully you only make once. We’ve had the opportunity to implement and test many cloud solutions in anger, enabling us to offer you sound advice and help you get where you need to be safely and with minimal impact.

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What will it allow me to do?

Cloud integration will allow you to develop and build a business model that is not only affordable but scalable on demand as your business and needs grow over time. They provide lower management costs through the central administration of maintenance and updates. Gone are the days of costly hardware infrastructure and onsite support to resolve issues with critical software based business applications.

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Cloud Accounting

Accounting from the cloud makes doing the books easy. We believe migrating to cloud based accounting software is one of the single biggest improvements you can make to your small business.

We help businesses take the leap to the cloud by working closely to support them through the package selection and migration process. We provide training to aid in its implementation and ongoing support through the softwares built in service. Once we’ve got you up and running smoothly, we’ll guide you through performance analysis so you can start leveraging your new tools, making meaningful decisions based on your real time data.

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Cloud Email & Applications

Sharing and collaborating as a team can significantly boost performance and efficiency. With the cloud office applications, it’s easy. Whether on the move or in the office, you can effectively manage email and tasks remotely with cloud versions, all in the knowledge that your data is safe and secure.

The cloud allows you to scale on demand and build a forecast-able licensing model that brings no surprises. Build into your business, set and forget.

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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared for the unexpected? How long will it take your business to recover from a disaster or hardware failure?

We can plan, implement and test a strategy to recover the mission critical aspects of your business in the event of a disaster.

It’s a boring but important business subject and coming from Christchurch we are now quite familiar with what can happen under extreme circumstances. It doesn’t have to be an earthquake however, at the other end of the scale, what happens if your laptop fails? Are you able to recover that data? Is it needed for a mission critical business function or for tax purposes?

We work with customers to ask the hard questions and identify an acceptable level of risk. We then develop a strategy to build and test a solution that you can be comfortable and sure will work when you need it most.

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