Web Design & Development

We love design and we love development but most of all we love helping other people. Presence Digital was founded on web design, we started this company because most people in all honesty have terrible websites and we wanted to help them and their businesses succeed.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a single subscriptive solution to their online presence management needs, there is often a bit of project work to get there, but once complete can guarantee your business is consistently and professionally presented as you continue to grow.

Digital Marketing

We design, build and maintain digital marketing strategies across variety of mediums, whether you are looking to develop a short invested online advertising campaign, require template development for email marketing or simply need a Facebook page setting up, we can assist and support you through setup and ongoing delivery.


Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is about leveraging services hosted on the internet that enable you to report and collaborate as a team freely and effectively. It’s usually subscription based unless you are developing a large enterprise solution, which means that you can easily predict costs scaling up and down as necessary to suit your business needs.

We have chosen to specialize in the key components that we feel provide the biggest bang for buck as it were for small businesses.