Beautifully Responsive Web Design & Development

We believe that web design shouldn’t be boring, after all it may be the only opportunity you have to make an impression on someone!

Responsive Design

Responsive design is about consistently representing your business across platforms and devices. Until recently this was the only benefit, albeit hugely important.

The word responsive when used in web design simply means that the website adapts and scales appropriately (sometimes displaying a different site altogether!) when viewed through various screen sizes, devices and browser types.

We build websites that provide an excellent user experience no matter what device they are viewed on, which is useful because Google has just made significant changes to their algorithm ranking responsive websites more favorably, but primarily it’s about ensuring that your prospective customers are able to easily view the important information you are trying to promote


Search engine optimization is by far one of the most important components to designing a website, let’s be honest how often when searching on google do you go to page 2? Structuring your pages to interact with search engine bots correctly, along with tailoring your content to promote keywords that engage with your customers, will help provide you with the best possible chance to rank highly across a multitude of search combinations.

When designing a website it’s not only the content that is critically important, speed matters. Google sees speed as an important metric in measuring the user experience, penalizing websites that do not perform well. Achieving a balance of performance orientated layouts and delivery methods, along with rich engaging content will often guarantee you a good result. Then all you need to do is keep it current and adapt as Google changes it’s algorithm, easy!

We work to design, develop and maintain websites that enable you to effectively reach a large proportion of your target market, invariably as the online landscape continues to change over time.

Start captivating your online audience


The world is turning digital and with the improvement of web technologies there is now no excuse to not have an platform to trade online. Once a large expense to own and operate, getting an e-commerce shop up and running now is easy and affordable. Add a lightweight shop to your existing website or go one step further and create a dedicated e-commerce portal that’s fully integrated with other business functions.

Have a product based business and want to start selling online? Have a service based business and want to include a booking and payment system? Presence Digital can help support you through the design, build and operation of your new e-commerce platform.


We are passionate about integration and believe the transition and flow between business functions needs to be seamless and easy to adopt. We complete development in house and via a wide network of contract consultants. We have extensive experience working in both enterprise and SMB environments, if we don’t have experience in it, we know someone who does. This helps us to design solutions for customers end to end, grow your business and aid in its seamless operation.

A picture of the Presence Digital web design on a smart phone

Web Technologies

Our Websites are made with the WordPress content management system (CMS), it’s an open source platform boasting a community in the thousands. Designers and developers work continuously to improve it and keep it at the front of the web technology curve. Don’t be fooled this is a robust highly customizable platform used by some of the biggest names in the world, to name a few, The New York Times, Adobe and National Geographic all use WordPress. It utilizes a superb intuitive user interface which once familiar with will allow you to change content on your website without always having to request work from a developer.

Secure code, SSL/HTTPS

We write secure code that follows industry recognized best practices to ensure that your website is in the best possible position to deter denial of service and other attacks that can potentially jeopardize the operation and data security of your online business.

SSL or HTTPS is essential to building trust with your customers and helps secure the transmission of personal and private data. Google recently announced that they have begun including secure websites in their algorithm and thus if your website is secure, you also stand a better chance of ranking more favorably.